The K-9 Orthopaedic Walking Aid – The alternative: wheels in place of crutches for lower leg injuries

The K9 leg trolley is an orthopaedic 4 (four) wheeled walker and is used to aid mobility following a lower leg injury such as a ruptured Achilles tendon, amputation, broken ankle, broken foot, bunions, diabetic ulcer, fractured heel, sprained ankle and gout.

Due to it’s double thrust bearing castor wheel base, it increases mobility replacing crutches and helps with circulation and physiotherapy.

Conventional walking aids like crutches are difficult to use. Problems that rapidly become apparent include fatigue and soreness of the hands, axilla and chest wall. The hands cannot be used for other purposes and occasionally a carpal tunnel syndrome develops.

The Orthopaedic Trolley can, in many situations, liberate the patient from crutches. It is a lightweight wheeled walking aid which, with the knee flexed, supports the shin. It is easily steered with knee pressure, leaving the hands free and it allows far more mobility than crutch-walking.

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A clinical trial at a British hospital showed that older people get on well with orthopaedic walking aids although they are unable to use crutches. A mentally handicapped and overweight patient who couldn’t co-ordinate crutches used the K9 wheeled walker without difficulty.

Patients are finding when they use wheeled walkers that they have mobility much sooner and consequently leaving hospital significantly earlier. Also, as the K9 has a four (4) wheel base the user, being able to get about more easily and comfortably, is inclined to take much more exercise and keep in better physical condition – See How to Use the K9 Leg Scooter

When a leg is not used the muscles quickly weaken and waste. By using an Orthopaedic Trolley the leg is at least weight bearing from the knee up so the thigh muscles remain normal.

The Orthopaedic Trolley walking aid has proved to be a boon for patients with a wide variety of Lower Leg Injuries